AITVapp is to provide the usage of the best information technology tools available to serve the broadcasting industry for the remote viewers in Africa and those in Diaspora.

Our service is to provide African Television viewers in remote parts of Africa and to those in Diaspora worldwide by using the best information technology available.

Our Service to Customers

To provide information technology applications to mobile communication multi screen devices with live Africa television free to air channel viewing capabilities. Our targeted devices include Smartphones, Smart TVs, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, STBs like Rokuetc,as longer as your connected to the internet.You can connect with any internert provider.

No need to rush to catch up your favorite program on your ordinary TV set, AITVapp allows you to watch all past program by just clicking and choosing the time the program was on air and you will watch it instantly at any of your convenient time of the day.

The Video on Demand (VOD) program allows you to choose from a list of category what to watch. You become your own director of your TV.Our customers can watch African Tv channels anytime anywhere in the world.

Once you have downloaded AITVapp to your device, you can SUBSCRIBES  and begin to enjoy your favorite television programs anywhere.

AITVapp requires you to create a username and password to subscribe.